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Fall/Winter 2020

A Word from the Director

Dr. Toivo U. Raun, Professor in the Department of Central Eurasian Studies at Indiana University, offers his thoughts on the Center's activities this past semester.
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Portrait of Toivo Raun



IAUNRC Events Recap, Fall 2020


Graduate Assistant Michael Krautkraemer looks back at the events sponsored by the center this year. From panels on Kyrgyzstan and Iran to talks about memoir-writing and living in exile, the schedule was busy and varied.


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Institutional Outreach, Fall 2020


K-12 teacher development is at the heart of our outreach. Assistant Director Kasia Rydel-Johnston summarizes what those activities looked like in summer and this past semester.


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Carrying On, Despite COVID


Center staff discuss continued use of radically different outreach methods than have historically been the norm. They interview Emily Stranger, who has been largely in charge of the new and ongoing outreach efforts.


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Teaching Persian in Bridges: Children, Language, World


Graduate Student Matt Hulstine discusses his experiences this semester teaching Persian to children in the Bridges program.


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