Affiliated IAUS Courses


ANTH E 600

Anthropology of Religion
Professor: Nazif Shahrani


HIST G 200

Chinese Frontiers
Professor: Jonathan Schlesinger

HIST C 205

Introduction to Islamic Civilization
Professor: Kaya Sahin

HIST C 210

Making of Modern Middle East
Professor: Kaya Sahin

HIST J 300

Empire and Nation State in the Middle East
Professor: Kaya Sahin

HIST D 308

Empire of the Tsars
Professor: Ben Eklof

HIST H 640

Russian Empire
Professor: Ben Eklof


LAW B 665

International Law
Professor: Timothy William Waters

International Studies

INTL 100

Introduction to International Studies
Professor: Gardener Bovingdon

INTL 300

Comparative Foreign Policy
Professor: Dina Rome Spechler

INTL 306

Identity Politics in Divided States
Professor: Gardener Bovingdon

Near Eastern Languages and Cultures

NELC N 233

Golden Age of Islamic Civilization
Professor: Asma Afsarudddin

NELC N 339

Middle Eastern Politics
Professor: Abdulkader Sinno

NELC N 370/570

Koranic Studies
Professor: John Walbridge

NELC N 389

Politics of the UN
Professor: Dina Spechler

NELC N 391/681

War and Peace in Islam
Professor: Asma Afsarudddin

NELC N 392

Islam and Modernity
Professor: Asma Afsarudddin


MUS Z 280

Music of the Silk Road
Professor: Aida Huseynova

MUS Z 281

East-West Encounters in Music
Professor: Aida Huseynova

Political Science

POLS Y 368

Russian and Soviet Foreign Policy
Professor: Dina Spechler

Religious Studies

REL R 152

Jews, Muslims, Christians
Professor: Sarah Imhoff

School of Public and Environmental Affairs

SPEA E 162

Environment and People
Professor: Chris Doran

SPEA E 260

Introduction to Water Resources
Professor: Kevin Reynolds