Faculty Funding

Faculty travel grants

We provide faculty travel grants to help fund domestic and international travel so that faculty may attend workshops and conferences.

In return, we ask applicants to commit to a presentation following the trip. The lecture can be at IU or to an audience at another institution. Faculty members can use the topic from their conference paper or talk about their current and future research as pursued with the grant. IAUNRC will make any necessary logistical arrangements and publicize the talk.

Download the application

International travel support

IAUNRC faculty members are eligible to apply for grants for up to $1000 for travel outside the United States to attend conferences or workshops or to conduct research. 

Please be aware that the Department of Education requires that we submit a Travel Approval Request to their office at least one month (30 days) before the departure. Travel must be Fly America Act compliant, meaning that segments of the trip be flown on a US carrier flight number whenever possible.

Complete and submit the form above to apply. Applications will be accepted at any time, but preferably at least 6 weeks prior to intended date of travel.