Community-minded educational resources

The IAUNRC engages in outreach opportunities through past events on campus, as well as resources provided for teachers to incorporate the many languages and cultures of IAUNRC into their curriculum.

The IAUNRC seeks to integrate Central Eurasian studies into other academic institutions. Along with hosting a collection of loanable items and free materials, the center offers lesson plans, with guides and audio and visual recordings.

Video conferencing

The IAUNRC develops interactive video programs on Central Eurasian topics for schools participating in Indiana's Vision Athena project. Each semester, the center develops programs based on the particular needs of the audience. IAUNRC is also exploring the development of courses and programs that would link Indiana University with other universities in the United States and the countries of Central Eurasia.

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Lesson plans + other educator resources

IAUNRC provides teachers with resource guides, audio and video recordings, slide programs, and other materials designed to help bring Inner Asian and Uralic studies into the curriculum. Besides its growing resource library, the Center offers tailored assistance to teachers who need materials or information dealing with Central Eurasia. IAUNRC has also begun a three-year curriculum development project which will result in classroom-ready units on Central Asia, the Baltics, and Tibet and Mongolia. In addition to these lesson plans, we also invite educators to look at our collection of loanable items and the free learning materials produced by the Center.

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Speakers + presentations

IAUNRC provides speakers free of charge to schools and other audiences through IU's popular Global Speakers Service. These presentations provide a valuable opportunity to interact with faculty, graduate students, and international students on virtually any topic relevant to Central Eurasia.

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Academic exchanges + linkages

IAUNRC helps foster and support academic exchange and linkage programs with the countries of Central Eurasia. In addition, each year IU hosts many students and scholars from those areas and works to identify and provide opportunities for IU students and faculty to study and conduct research abroad.

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