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Resources for MSI/CC partners

Video conferences and virtual visits

Looking for exciting new international content to integrate into your curriculum? The IAUNRC delivers interactive presentations to students and educators at all levels on thematic and regional topics through interactive video conferencing. Center staff can customize a presentation for your learning needs, or you can select from our most popular programs.

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Faculty visits

The IAUNRC will make it possible for IU faculty to travel to our partner institutions, where they can give a research talk for the institutional community and meet with interested colleagues, administration, and students.

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Graduate student "office hours"

The Center's graduate students are available upon request to field questions your students may have about research paper writing, area studies, preparing for advanced studies, travel abroad, or life in graduate school.

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Keeping up with trends in Central Eurasian studies

Plunging into or keeping up with the field of Central Eurasian studies is a daunting task, but the Center can make it easier. The Center routinely sponsors lectures, performances, and other events. Whenever possible, the Center records these events and makes them available to the public. The Center also maintains lending collections of artifacts, books, and other multimedia resources that can be loaned for non-commercial purposes at no charge. The Center also produces free educational materials for distribution that our partners can request.

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Curricular support

Want to add a new unit on the Silk Road or the consequences of water use on the Aral Sea into your course, but don't know where to start? The Center provides a variety of resources that can make life easier. Course development stipends enable faculty who are adding a Central Eurasian component to their courses to acquire necessary materials. The Center has partnered with the University of Arizona Center for Middle Eastern Studies to host a repository of instructional materials that are well-suited for use at community colleges.

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Travel grants for conferences and professional development

The Center supports scholarly activities at partner MSI/CCs by helping to defray the cost of faculty travel to scholarly conference and professional development opportunities that relate to the Center's goals. Over the years, many representatives from partner institutions have attended the Institue for Curriculum and Campus Internationalization (ICCI). In addition, the Center encourages partner faculty attend its major events, the Central Eurasian Studies Society annual meeting, and other scholarly events that build expertise in Central Eurasian studies.

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Course Development Stipend

All full-time, regular part-time, and adjunct faculty at community colleges and minority-serving institutions throughout the United States are invited to apply for a course development stipend in an annual competition. Applicants can propose to redesign an existing course or to develop a new course. The redesigned/new course should include at least 25% content about Russia, Eastern Europe, and/or Eurasia.

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