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Virtual classroom visits

Looking for exciting new international content to integrate into your curriculum? The IAUNRC delivers interactive presentations to students and educators at all levels on thematic and regional topics through interactive video conferencing. Center staff can customize a presentation for your learning needs, or you can select from our most popular programs.

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Classroom and campus visits

Located at a school near Bloomington, Indiana? The IAUNRC provides classroom presentations, cultural displays, and other programs that bring our experts and our artifacts to you.

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Lesson plans

The IAUNRC supports the creation of lesson plans and other materials that bring the IAUNRC's region into the classroom. Below is a selection of materials covering our region, some of which were produced in whole or in part by the IAUNRC. Where possible, the relevant Indiana Educational Standards are indicated. These materials are freely available for non-commercial use.

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Lending collections

The IAUNRC maintains a collection of DVDs, books, traditional clothing, and other resources that may be loaned for non-commercial use to instructors and students of non-profit educational institutions and to individuals for private use.

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Educational materials

The IAUNRC develops materials related to the languages and cultures of Central Eurasia on an ongoing basis. Members of the public may request these materials, which are available free of charge for non-commercial educational or private use. There is no charge for shipping within the United States.

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Professional development for educators and educational leaders

The IAUNRC hosts and cosponsors a variety of professional conferences and workshops throughout the year, including workshops that provide educators at secondary schools with timely information on Central Eurasia as well as ideas on how to introduce that material into their classrooms. The center also supports language pedagogy workshops and the International Studies Institute, which provides high school teachers and students from across the country the opportunity to explore international issues during a residential workshop in the summer.

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Global Literacy Invitations Project

The Global Literacy Invitations Project is designed for elementary teachers and held on the campus of Indiana University Bloomington. In a world full of both hopeful and tragic events, it is the duty of teachers in a global community to engage in understanding and empathizing globally. Global Literacy Invitations is an approach that integrates literacy, social studies and the new Global Literacy Standards for Indiana. Global Literacy invitations have long been used in classrooms here at Indiana University, and they have been successful at getting preservice teachers to think about how they can internationalize the elementary curriculum in meaningful ways.

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